111 Hot Qualitative Research Topics for Students

qualitative research paper topics

Do you have a qualitative research paper assignment and want to score top grades? This is only possible if you have a good title, but selecting one is never easy for students. If you have a poor grasp of the subject under consideration, selecting a good topic and preparing the paper can be even trickier. However, you do not need to worry because we are here to help. Keep reading to see our qualitative research topics list for top grades.

What is Qualitative Research?

Before we can look at the leading research topics for qualitative research, it is important to start by understanding what it is.

Qualitative research involves gathering and analyzing non-numerical data to help you understand experiences, concepts, and opinions. It is the opposite of quantitative research and is commonly applied in subjects such as sociology, health sciences, education, history, and anthropology.

Common methods used in qualitative research include:

  • Interviews.
  • Observations.
  • Surveys.
  • Secondary research.
  • Focus groups.

Next, we will look at the leading qualitative research paper topics. So, check them closely and pick the preferred one:

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

Here are awesome examples of qualitative research topics you can select for top grades if you are a nursing student.

  1. Environmental factors that help patients recover quickly.
  2. Comparing the quality of service in public and private hospitals in the UK.
  3. Nursing theories: How do they influence the nursing practice?
  4. Evaluating the levels of nursing professionals’ satisfaction in private hospitals in the US.
  5. Acute Coronary Syndrome Treatment.
  6. The causes of teenage suicide in the US.
  7. Seizures in infants: What are the main causes?
  8. Pediatric care ethics.
  9. Gestational weight management challenges.
  10. The main critical care requirements.
  11. Is education among women related to their willingness to have babies?

Good Qualitative Research Topics

Here are hot qualitative research topics examples to help you stand out in class.

  1. Can we prevent global warming?
  2. 20 most traveled places in the globe?
  3. Plato philosophy: What is its impact on mathematics?
  4. How do startups employ digital marketing in their operations?
  5. The effectiveness of Windows and Apple products in the Globe.
  6. Ozone layers depletion: What is the rate of its depletion?
  7. How to recover from a loss: Comparing five positive strategies used by leading companies.
  8. Rethinking customer motivation.
  9. Online learning: What are the main advantages compared to traditional learning?
  10. Unhealthy market competition: What is the impact on food products supply chains?
  11. What role do guardians play in defining the academic success of their children?
  12. Comparing the levels of self-esteem in people of high and low socioeconomic statuses.
  13. The best therapy for patients recovering from brain surgery.

Qualitative Research Topics in Education

Check out the following qualitative nursing research topics for top grades in education.

  1. Evaluating the students’ attitudes towards bullying.
  2. Overview of the use of alternative education in the UK.
  3. Academic practices for uplifting society.
  4. Comparing the performance of public and private schools in the UK.
  5. Effectiveness of student internships in career development.
  6. American heritage education.
  7. Assessing the effectiveness of student exchange programs.
  8. No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: A review of the main impacts.
  9. Sexual misconduct in colleges.
  10. Undocumented immigrant students in California and New Mexico.
  11. Postmodernism and education.
  12. Is schooling important for children below five years?
  13. Peer counseling programs in the US: Are they effective?

Qualitative Research Topics Ideas in Human Resources

Human resources study is fascinating, and you will enjoy it more by always picking the best assignment topics. Here are some good examples.

  1. What are the main factors that impact staff loyalty?
  2. Why is job satisfaction so important in brand management?
  3. Resolving conflict in the workplace.
  4. Fitting personality or professional qualities: Which is more important?
  5. Talent hunting and talent management: Which is better?
  6. Calculating risks when hiring new company staff.
  7. Career planning: Should it be centered on the company or its staff?
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.
  9. Five main causes of high staff turnover in US companies.

Easy Qualitative Research Topics

Qualitative research papers do not have to be tough. Check out the following simple topics for top grades.

  1. Continuous progress approach.
  2. What are the main influences of eating habits in children?
  3. Assessing the effectiveness of using quarantine in managing the COVID-19 pandemic?
  4. Comparing the effectiveness of strategies used to reduce viral infections in developed and developing countries.
  5. School enrichment activities.
  6. Assessing the level of preparedness of college students.
  7. Compare two programs adopted in the US to address the problem of obesity in children.
  8. Top five approaches used to address maternal healthcare in developing countries.
  9. The latest trends in digital media.

Interesting Qualitative Research Paper Topics

Make your paper interesting for top grades by selecting the following topic ideas.

  1. Cyberbullying: Comparing the strategies used in the UK and US to address them.
  2. How effective are homeschooling programs?
  3. Strategies used by offshore companies to reach new markets.
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of strategies used to help people overcome addiction.
  5. Technologies used in gathering news in the 21st century.
  6. Women immigrants: How do they cope with gender equality and social identity?
  7. Special benefits of using blockchain technology in companies.
  8. How to reduce violence in sports.
  9. Unhealthy market competition: What are the impacts?
  10. What are the impacts of developing introvert behavior?
  11. Should the death penalty be outlawed?
  12. What role did women play during industrialization immediately after the Civil War in America?

Qualitative Research Topics in Political Science

See the following 12 hot topics for winning papers in political science.

  1. Discuss election reforms with special reference to the United States system.
  2. What are the pros and cons of positivism?
  3. What is a budget deficit?
  4. What caused the Cold War?
  5. Differentiate globalization and nationalism.
  6. Corruption in the developing countries: How can it be eliminated?
  7. Political anthropology: What is it?
  8. Freedom of speech vs. incitement.
  9. Democracy: What are the main pros and cons?
  10. The different types of taxes in Europe.
  11. Social security reforms in the United States.
  12. Comparing the level of security in the US before and after 9/11 attack in New York.

Qualitative Research Topics in Project Management

Project management is a very broad area, and picking the right topic to write a research paper can be challenging. To lend a hand, here are some awesome topics for you.

  1. The relationship between influencer marketing and brand dominance.
  2. What factors impact customer satisfaction on the success of a brand?
  3. The application of AI in project management.
  4. The importance of soft skills in project management: A case study of marketing in international brands.
  5. Hybrid project management approaches: Are they effective?
  6. Project management research trends that impact s project’s success.
  7. The causes and effects of poor communication in the construction industry.
  8. Global software development: What are the critical success factors?
  9. Effect of agile project management on an industry’s productivity.
  10. How to plan long-term projects.
  11. What are the implications of project management principles on the logistics industry?

Topics for Ethnography Qualitative Research

Check out the following top 10 research paper topics in ethnography.

  1. How to create centralized communities with available resources.
  2. Strategies that trainers use to develop a one-on-one relationship with students.
  3. Mobile eye-tracking: A closer look at the latest procedural advances.
  4. Rethinking virtual ethnography: A closer look at crisis-generated opportunities.
  5. Adaptive ethnography.
  6. Causes of WWI and WWII: How were they different?
  7. Career choices of most people with high intelligent quotient in the US.
  8. Studying the Welsh-speaking community of Chile.
  9. A study of homeless people in Texas.
  10. The benefits of Mediterranean lifestyle to Italians.

Qualitative Research Topics in Public Health

If you are pursuing public health, here are some good topics for your research paper.

  1. How to quit smoking and drinking.
  2. Eco-friendly face masks: How are they made?
  3. Achieving affordable healthcare in low-income communities.
  4. Obesity management methods in New York: Are they effective?
  5. Comparing programs for community-based sanitization.
  6. What are the main mental disorders among the youth today?
  7. Strategies for relieving pressure in long-term healthcare-related projects.
  8. Reviewing the main roles of healthy eating habits.
  9. Analyzing the effects of pollution on people’s health.
  10. Social factors that increase eating disorders in teenagers.
  11. The role of media in promoting high self-esteem in children.

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