110 Excellent Analytical Report Topics Ideas For Students

analytical report topics

An analytical report or analytical essay is a type of data or graphic representation of a report that analyzes the opinions on a certain issue. An analytical report provides solutions to questions and issues that can touch upon on lifestyle, business, fashion, religion, politics, environmental science, and lots more. These reports provide explanations and opinions through written content, like graphs or charts.

A topic for an analytical essay is therefore chosen by its importance to its respective industry. Analytical reports often require the use of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, just like it is required in fields like science, history, philosophy, international relations, and lots more.

However, it could be difficult to develop topics for analytical essays. This is because you need to discuss a burning issue based on observations and trends. Your analytical essay ideas must act on the problems of the world around you, as well as propose solutions. There are different forms of topics for an analytical essay. There are prompts, essays, and analytical paper ideas to analyze in your college or university degree. Regardless of your academic level, the following are suggestions of essay topics for your report.

Analytical Essay Prompts

You may wonder why there are prompt topics for analytical reports. As a student, your lecturer wants you to develop sharp intellectual capacities which enable you to confront real-life issues without flinching. Thus, some of the analytical writing prompts  and topics for analytical report below can be developed without much delay and you can choose to write on them:

  1. Why are some people uninterested in business?
  2. Why are people afraid of death?
  3. What is interesting about the lifestyle of a musician?
  4. What makes people uninterested in some blogs?
  5. How do business owners use advertisements to boost sales?
  6. Why are people afraid of pain?
  7. Why are some parents skeptical of teaching their teens about sex?
  8. What can make a student fail?
  9. Why are there different calendars in the world?
  10. Is taking selfies in malls a form of madness?
  11. How can people learn new skills?
  12. Why do parents prioritize religion in the upbringing of their kids?
  13. In the world of the internet, does religion symbolize morality?
  14. Why are there so many business owners in the U.S.?
  15. What makes a family a modern family?
  16. Why are honest people poor?
  17. Why do people lie?
  18. What is the emphasis on bargaining all about?
  19. The problem of the world is the people, not the system, discuss.
  20. Innocent people die more than corrupt persons, discuss.

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Analytical Essay Ideas

There are countless researchable ideas for an analytical topic. With online access to tons of books and resources, you can develop a serious study for your report. However, what could be a challenge is discovering which topic is best for an analytical essay. The following are some of the interesting analytical essay prompt you can consider as students:

  1. What is the biggest concern for advocates of gender equality?
  2. How does gender inequality affect business growth?
  3. The pros and cons of smartphones for children
  4. Is addiction a choice or a necessity for humans?
  5. How does your size affect your quality of life?
  6. Why exercising is not just for people with obesity
  7. What is the role of literature in maintaining sanity during a pandemic lockdown?
  8. What is the role of entertainment in a lockdown like the COVID-19’s?
  9. Should schools allow cigarettes as a form of socialization on campus?
  10. Why should parents homeschool their kids?
  11. What are the biggest marketing trends of the 21st century?
  12. What is the psychology behind single parenting and how does it affect the child?
  13. Are there different communication strategies in the male and female genders?
  14. Examine the idea of anarchism in feminism
  15. The world is not home for those who believe in heaven
  16. Examine the difference between Jews and Christians in the U.S.
  17. Feminism: men are the new marginalized gender
  18. What is the role of a parent personality in the upbringing of a child?
  19. Why do many people claim atheism?
  20. What causes addiction to pornography?
  21. How cheap labor led to the rise of capitalism before the 21st century
  22. Why young people show high interest in substance abuse than older people
  23. How experience with bullies transforms into a source of trauma
  24. Why are exams the criteria that reemphasize students’ low self-esteem?
  25. Why is history important to life?
  26. Why is literature said to mirror life?
  27. The life of an author is represented in his or her book — discuss.
  28. How does terrorism affect business growth?
  29. Analyze the social class structure and its danger on liberal societies
  30. Is the constant evolution of technology a threat to daily life?

Analytical Essay Topics for College Students

Today, lecturers in colleges and high schools endorse analytical writing topics for their students to develop their experience of the world. These, sometimes, require the need to study analytical research papers for ideas about the topic. As a student who wants to choose easy topics for analytical essay topic ideas on your own, you can consider:

  1. Why do people express fear?
  2. What are the potent ways to overcome addiction to gambling and drugs?
  3. Nightmares are a reflection of man’s darkest illusions — discuss.
  4. Dreams and nightmares are illusory
  5. Why everyone should consider online marketing for business growth
  6. How does the internet shutdown affect online learning?
  7. What are the impacts of the internet shutdown on small online businesses?
  8. Is optimism better than pessimism?
  9. Why is philosophy an awful discipline in a religious world?
  10. Why do people on America Got Talent tell sad stories?
  11. Science fiction is nothing but fiction, and it will remain such, discuss
  12. Why is e-commerce important for brick and mortar stores?
  13. The failure of students is the failure of teachers
  14. Why religions cause war
  15. What are the changes in the way children communicate with their parents and teachers?
  16. Is business growth only a result of marketing?
  17. What is the role of customer service in the expansion of businesses?
  18. What are the dangers and risks of working from home?
  19. Why are junk foods, although they are easy to make, considered a threat?
  20. Why do people drink alcohol?

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Analytical Research Paper Topics for University and MBA Students

As MBA and university students, analytical report topic ideas are expected to be advanced. They require detailed research and writing into critical issues. In your analysis, topics are expected to be scholarly in nature as also of high quality. Analytical essay topics for college or essay topics for university students could be:

  1. Critically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce in business growth
  2. Assess the role of social media in business marketing and growth
  3. Business credibility: Are brick and mortar stores better than online stores?
  4. How is history created from unintentional events; is there even the existence of unintentional events?
  5. How does social media impose on teenagers and the choices they make?
  6. How do peer groups impose a common opinion?
  7. What is the idea behind secret experiments by governments?
  8. Humans developed computers and other tech systems, why are they better than human memory?
  9. What makes a man better than his peers?
  10. Why are kind people always said to be stupid?
  11. Why do people hate criticism?
  12. Without war, there will be no peace, without peace, there will be no war; explain
  13. Why do people believe myths?
  14. How does a government benefit from controversies?
  15. What is the role of propaganda during the Cold War?
  16. Why do people believe in aliens?
  17. The acknowledgment of different cultures is responsible for the growth of different religions
  18. Women will make better leaders than men, discuss
  19. Feminism is not aimed at achieving equality, it is aimed at defeating men and patriarchy; discuss
  20. Life has no meaning, discuss
  21. Examine the rise of communism as a threat to democracy
  22. Develop an argument on the role of the press in establishing democratic ideals
  23. Absolute peace is an illusion, discuss
  24. There is selfishness in relationships and politics
  25. Describe the fundamental challenges online business owners face and how they affect business growth
  26. How can people thrive in a multicultural environment?
  27. In the contemporary world, ethics is the enemy of business growth
  28. Discuss the concept of immortality for mortals
  29. Why everyone must consider liberalism
  30. The impact of the climate crisis on business growth

How to Write an Analytical Report?

Writing on analytical report topics requires the motivation for achieving a high-quality report. You must study the subject matter, discuss issues that will be beneficial for your readers, and exercise academic efficiency. Of course, before you choose an analytical report topic, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of everything about the topic, identify who your audience is, and find ways to criticize the information you have access to before integrating it into your study.

You also need to develop a flexible outline as this will make the writing process easy for you. An outline for analytical essay topics includes:

  • A Title Page: This is the main topic for your analytical research paper topics. Sometimes, it contains the purpose of your analytical report
  • The Table of Contents: This is the chronological order of how the content of your report will appear
  • The Clause: Here, you’ll specify the research methods for your study. As earlier noted, most analytical reports involve the use of qualitative and quantitative approaches. Sometimes, they involve the use of a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • The Main Discussion: This is where you write your reports under chapters (in the case of analytical research papers), subheadings, paragraphs, etc.
  • Conclusion: This is the results and summary of information gathered while studying and writing the report
  • Recommendations: These are most times proposed solutions for the issues identified and discussed in the report
  • Bibliography or Appendices: This is the section to list authority sources that helped in the report research and writing processes

After choosing an analytical report topic or any analysis topics of your choice, you need to gather credible information, assess the information properly, report the information as you have observed them, present the information in ways people can understand, and offer strong and appealing recommendations through the conclusion of your analytical report while writing.

Is Your Analytical Report Causing You Trouble?

An analytical report is a type of project that is represented as an essay with graphs or charts. It often analyzes opinions on issues and offers recommendations for growth. There are hundreds of analytical essay ideas which you can develop at a fast pace. These essay ideas can help you as a college, university, or MBA student to discover a wide range of opinions and points of view for your essay. With strict guidelines, these researchable ideas require you to have expert writers. Writing an analytical report can be a big deal, and if you cannot write it on your own you can seek fast essay writing help from an online paper writing service for high-quality reports. That is a service that we can offer.

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