70 Best Presentation Topic Ideas To Wow The Audience

Presentation Topic Ideas

“Where do I get presentation topic ideas” might be one of the most frequently asked questions by high school and college students. They look for short presentation topic ideas that inspire their audience and earn them top grades. Now, what are the best topics for presentation? Scroll down.

5-Minute Presentation Topic Ideas

  1. Why should we domesticate horses?
  2. How to bathe your dog indoors
  3. How to choose the right girlfriend or boyfriend
  4. How to adopt a child from a social service agency
  5. Why cats are lovers of milk
  6. What kind of pet is best for you
  7. When to start your own YouTube channel
  8. How to save money while in college
  9. Ideas for choosing a suitable career for your future
  10. Why eating and sleeping is dangerous
  11. Attracting the right people into your life
  12. Why teachers should not give students homework
  13. Benefits of having a coronavirus vaccine this year
  14. The problem with low paying jobs

PowerPoint Presentation Topic Ideas on Health

  1. Advantages of having a healthy diet every day
  2. Are vaccines developed in less than a year active?
  3. Consequences of smoking to nursing mothers
  4. Should health officers inspect every fast food restaurant?
  5. What are the downsides to using a cloth mask instead of the N95?
  6. Contribution of physical exercises to the immunity of a person
  7. How to conduct counseling to a mentally disturbed individual
  8. Can eating lemon and ginger cure coronavirus?
  9. What is the threat of GMOs to a person’s health?
  10. Are injections better than tablets and syrups?
  11. Why taking lots of water is important
  12. How to deal with menstrual cramps effectively
  13. Why choosing a lot of fats can lead to heart attacks
  14. Does taking an overdose prescription affect your health?
  15. Should people buy off-the-counter medicine?

Business Presentation Topic Ideas

  1. How to start saving for a business idea or project
  2. Why should you advance your studies before opening a business?
  3. Why is it vital for you to know business-related laws?
  4. Why do most start-ups fail in the initial stages?
  5. How do you get a bank loan or a mortgage painstakingly?
  6. How did Jack Ma start the Alibaba Foundation?
  7. What are the best business courses to pursue in 2023?
  8. How has the coronavirus changed the business landscape?
  9. What can you do to improve your credit score?
  10. How do you negotiate for a salary raise?
  11. Strengths of buying over renting a piece of land
  12. How do you calculate compound interest?
  13. When to change your marketing strategy?
  14. Why the internet is the best marketing platform during the lockdown
  15. Can businesses without websites survive in the 21st century?
  16. How to make more sales than your coworkers

Presentation Topic Ideas For Students

  1. How to find pocket money during holidays
  2. When is the best time to do your homework?
  3. Why students abstain from relationships until completion
  4. Ideas for starting a complicated research paper project
  5. Why students should never miss a class in college
  6. What are the benefits of having school vans over personal cars?
  7. Can students effectively adhere to the protocols set by the Ministry of Health against coronavirus?
  8. Negative impacts of giving phones to high school and college students
  9. Who is to blame for the bullying in schools? The teachers or students themselves?
  10. How to read, understand, and memorize notes in technical subjects and courses.
  11. Why most students are reluctant to use the library during holidays and weekends
  12. Should students have accounts on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram?
  13. Are there positives in corporal punishment and expulsions in schools?
  14. Benefits of using digital interactive learning aids during online classes
  15. Are tablets replacing textbooks in digital e-learning platforms?

Easy Presentation Topic Ideas

  1. Why every child needs to grow up with both parents
  2. The advancement of military weapons from the First World War to the Second
  3. Why the media is a powerful tool for unifying and breaking society at the same time
  4. How relevant are cartoon animations in the kindergarten curriculum?
  5. Why do most teens use their phones on the table while eating?
  6. What is the best age to find a suitable, long-term marriage partner?
  7. How to boost your self-esteem in an environment where no one appreciates you
  8. What are the ethics of posting pictures of children on social media?
  9. Why should you not post your location and personal data on social media?
  10. Qualities of a good leader to look out for when voting

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