180 Art Research Topics To Wake Your Inner Creator Up

180 Art Research Topics

We know, finding great art research topics can be a pretty difficult thing to do nowadays. Your classmates are all scouring the Internet in search of easy – but interesting – topics. The last thing you want is to pick a topic that has already been chosen. You want to be original. You want your professor to notice the effort you’ve put into finding the perfect topic. This is why you should take a look at our list of art research topics. All of them are original and interesting. And, best of all, the list is updated and new topics are added periodically.

Writing a Proper Art Research Paper

Writing a research paper on a topic in painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, cinema, music, or theater can be tricky if you don’t have much experience. To come to your aid, we have included a short list of tips that should help you write the best possible art research paper as quickly as possible:

  • Obviously, you need to find an engaging topic for your paper
  • Spend some time on crafting the thesis statement (it’s very important)
  • Only use information from authoritative sources that you can check
  • Make sure all citations and references are properly formatted
  • It pays to start your writing project with an outline
  • Stay organized and follow the outline until you finish the paper
  • Don’t forget to edit your work and then proofread it thoroughly
  • Finally, don’t forget that you can get professional academic writing help, if necessary

In this blog post, we will help you with a list of 180 original art research topics for your next paper. The topics, organized in 20 categories, can be found below and are 100% free. Furthermore, if you have more important things to do, rather than going through that long and boring process, you can pay someone to write a paper and feel free to spend your time as you wish.

Brand New Art Topics for Research Papers

Below, you can find our brand new art topics for research papers. All of these topics have been recently added and we think that all of them should work great in 2023:

  1. Compare 2 major themes of art
  2. Discuss the adversity theme in art
  3. Is digital 3D motion graphic design an art?
  4. Discuss artistic styles in modern art
  5. An in-depth look at digital art
  6. Social media in 2023 art
  7. Talk about the popularity of art fairs
  8. Should you become an art historian?
  9. Peculiarities of abstract art of the 21st century
  10. Talk about Cubism influences in art
  11. What is mixed media art?

Artist Research Paper Ideas

Would you like to talk about artists? No problem, we’ve got an entire list of artist research paper ideas for you right here. Choose the best one and start writing in minutes:

  1. The life and work of Jean-Michel Basquiat
  2. The importance of Peter Doig’s work
  3. Modern paintings by Christopher Wool
  4. Influences in Rudolf Stingel’s art
  5. An in-depth look at Salvador Dali’s work
  6. The neo-Pop movement (Yoshitomo Nara)
  7. Richard Prince’s use of mass-media images in art
  8. The instability of life in Zeng Fanzhi’s paintings
  9. The life and work of Frida Kahlo
  10. Andy Warhol’s rise in popularity
  11. Discuss the themes in Vincent van Gogh’s work
  12. The importance of Jackson Pollock for modern art

Art History Research Paper Topics

If you want to talk about art history, you will be thrilled to learn that we are offering a list of art history research paper topics for free. Check out the latest version of the topics list:

  1. Imagery and symbolism in Carlo Crivelli’s work
  2. Talk about evolution and devolution in Willem de Kooning’s work
  3. An in-depth look at Chinese art
  4. The 3 most important architecture themes
  5. Talk about the portrayal of war in contemporary art
  6. The most important literary works of the 20th century
  7. European art during Medieval times
  8. The importance of prehistoric art in Mesopotamia

Art Topics to Write About in High School

Are you looking for some art topics to write about in high school? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got your back. We have a whole list of topics dedicated to high school students right here:

  1. Talk about the use of symbols in Egyptian art
  2. Discuss Mayan architecture
  3. An in-depth look at Chinese ancient paintings
  4. Light in Claude Monet’s work
  5. Talk about the peculiarities of Romanticism
  6. Discuss the Surrealism movement
  7. The importance of the Sistine Chapel paintings
  8. A closer look at the Harlem Renaissance

Most Interesting Art Topics

We know you want to write a paper on something interesting. After all, you probably want to impress your professor, don’t you? Here are our most interesting art topics:

  1. Discuss peculiarities of Iranian cinema movies
  2. Talk about Hindi architecture
  3. Best Chinese novels ever written
  4. Artistic similarities between the US and Canada
  5. Talk about a famous painter in the United Kingdom
  6. The ascendance motif in Raphael’s work
  7. Talk about feminism in contemporary art
  8. Japanese motifs in Claude Monet’s paintings

Advanced Art Topics

We are most certain that your professor will appreciate the effort if you choose to write your paper on a more complex topic. Here are some advanced art topics you could try:

  1. The emergence of urban street art
  2. Cubism in Pablo Picasso paintings
  3. The life and works of Louise Bourgeois
  4. Talk about the influence of the paranormal on art
  5. An in-depth look at Aztec religious art
  6. Talk about a primeval music instrument of your choice
  7. Talk about sculpture in Ancient Rome
  8. Discuss the use of art for propaganda means

Fun Art Topic Ideas

Who said writing a research paper about art can’t be fun? It all depends on the topic you choose. To help you out, we have compiled a list of fun art topic ideas. Check it out below:

  1. Depictions of extraterrestrials in art
  2. Using art during the war
  3. 3 most creative uses of paintings
  4. Talk about the emergence of NFT art
  5. Interesting traits of the Bauhaus movement
  6. Sculptures that make you laugh
  7. Interesting depictions of the human anatomy
  8. The most famous graffiti in the United States

Art Topics Good for College Students

Of course we have many art topics that are good for college students. Our experts have recently finished updating the list of ideas, so go ahead and choose the one you like the most:

  1. Analyze the Surrealism period
  2. Postmodernism in 2023 art
  3. The life and work of Auguste Renoir
  4. Talk about French caricatures
  5. The benefits of art therapy
  6. Hitler and his contribution to arts
  7. War dances in the Maori society

Controversial Art Topics to Write About

Many students find writing a research paper challenging. There are many controversial topics in art that you can talk about in a research paper. Take a look at some of the most controversial art topics to write about and take your pick:

  1. Discuss The Last Judgement by Michelangelo
  2. The controversies surrounding Marcel Duchamp
  3. Graffiti: vandalism or art?
  4. Why is art so controversial?
  5. What makes a drawing a piece of art?
  6. Architecture: art or utility? 

Easy Topics for Art Papers

If you want to spend as little time as possible writing the research paper, you need an easier topic. Fortunately for you, our experts have compiled a list of easy topics for art papers right here:

  1. Types of Chinese jewelry
  2. Analyze art in South Korea
  3. The first recorded music instrument
  4. Discuss a novel of your choice
  5. Talk about Venetian carnival masks
  6. The life and works of Giuseppe Verdi
  7. Compare and contrast 3 war dances
  8. American Indian art over the years
  9. An in-depth look at totem masks
  10. Art in sub-Saharan Africa
  11. Talk about art in North Korea

Modern/Contemporary Art History Topics

Yes, we really do have a list of the best modern/contemporary art history topics. As usual, you can choose any of our topics and even reword it without giving us any credit. Take your pick:

  1. Talk about 5 artistic styles in modern art
  2. Talk about activism and art
  3. Discuss the role of political cartoons
  4. The role of digital art in 2023
  5. Is printmaking really an art?
  6. Discuss the theme of identity politics
  7. Political critique through the use of art
  8. Most interesting works of contemporary art

Ancient Art Topics

Do you want to talk about ancient art? It’s not a simple subject, but we’re certain you will manage just fine. Check out our latest list of ancient art topics and select the one you like the most:

  1. Analyze the El Castillo Cave Paintings
  2. Ancient art in India
  3. An in-depth look at the Diepkloof Eggshell Engravings
  4. Ancient art in Persia
  5. Why is ancient art so important?
  6. Ancient art in China
  7. What makes ancient art unique?

Ideas for an Art Research Project

Did your teacher ask you to come up with an idea for an art research project? Don’t worry about it too much because we have plenty of ideas for an art research project right here:

  1. Research 3 Kpop artists and their work
  2. Uncover signs of prehistoric art in your area
  3. Make a rain painting on your own
  4. Design a Zen garden in your backyard
  5. Make a 3D sculpture on your computer
  6. Make a wall mural for your school
  7. Experiment with pin art
  8. Experiment with sand art

Fine Arts Research Paper Topics

If you would prefer to write about the fine arts, you have definitely arrived at the right place. We have a long list of interesting fine arts research paper topics below:

  1. Is drawing a form of art?
  2. An in-depth analysis of the Mona Lisa
  3. The Girls with a Pearl Earring painting
  4. An in-depth analysis of Venus of Willendorf
  5. A closer look at the Terracotta Army
  6. Discuss a piece of abstract architecture
  7. A closer look at the Burj Khalifa architecture
  8. Discuss Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats

Renaissance Art Topics

Did you know that our Renaissance art topics have been used by more than 500 students to date? This is a clear indication that our ideas are some of the best on the Web:

  1. Talk about the Linear perspective in Renaissance art
  2. Discuss the altarpieces found in Renaissance art
  3. An in-depth look at anatomy in Renaissance art
  4. Discuss the Fresco cycles
  5. Talk about the peculiarities of the landscape
  6. Influences of Realism in Renaissance art
  7. Analyze the use of light in Renaissance art
  8. Discuss the humanism theme
  9. Talk about the individualism theme in Renaissance art

The Best Baroque Art Topics

We can assure you that you teacher will greatly appreciate it if you choose one of these Baroque topics. Remember, this is the place where you can find the best Baroque art topics:

  1. Discuss the Grandeur theme in Baroque art
  2. An in-depth look at the sensuous richness theme
  3. Talk about the importance of religious paintings
  4. Talk about the emotional exuberance theme
  5. Allegories in Baroque art
  6. The life and works of Annibale Carracci
  7. The life and works of Nicolas Poussin

Art Debate Topics

Are you planning an art debate? If you are, you most definitely need some great art debate topics to choose from. Talk to your team and propose them any of these awesome ideas:

  1. Do artists need talent to sculpt?
  2. The best painter in the world today
  3. Can graffiti be considered a form of art?
  4. The best sculpture ever made
  5. Can we consider dance a form of art?
  6. The best painting ever made
  7. Should we study arts in school?
  8. The best literary work ever written
  9. Why is Banksy’s work so controversial?
  10. The best singer of all time
  11. How can photographs be considered works of art?

Artist Biography Topics

Our experts have put together a list of the most intriguing artist biography topics for you. You should be able to find more than enough information about each artist on the Internet:

  1. Talk about the life of Michael Jackson
  2. Discuss the works of Leonardo da Vinci
  3. Discuss the importance of Elvis Presley’s work
  4. The life and works of Rembrandt
  5. The importance of Ernest Hemingway’s masterpieces
  6. The importance of Michelangelo’s paintings
  7. Talk about the life of Vincent van Gogh
  8. Auguste Rodin’s sculptures
  9. The life and works of Donatello
  10. The life and works of Leo Tolstoy
  11. Discuss Jane Austen’s literary works

Art Therapy Topics

Choosing one of our captivating art therapy topics will definitely get your research paper noticed. This is a field that has been growing in popularity for years. Check out our latest ideas:

  1. The importance of photography in art therapy
  2. Reducing pain through art therapy
  3. Art therapy for PTST patients
  4. Art therapy against the stress of the modern world
  5. Improving the quality of life through art therapy
  6. Positive health effects of finger painting
  7. The effects of art therapy on 3 mental health disorders
  8. The effects of art therapy on autism
  9. Art therapy and psychotherapy
  10. The job of an art therapist
  11. Benefits of art therapy for mental health

Art Epochs Paper Topics

If you want to write your paper on one of the many art epochs, you could give our art epochs paper topics a try. You should find plenty of great ideas in the list below:

  1. The legacy of the Romanesque period
  2. The importance of the Romanticism movement
  3. Talk about the Mannerism movement
  4. Discuss The New Objectivity movement
  5. Pop-art in the 21st century
  6. An in-depth look at abstract impressionism
  7. The importance of the Gothic Era
  8. Talk about the Classicist movement
  9. Peculiarities of Cubism art
  10. What is Futurism in art?
  11. Discuss the great artists of the Baroque era
  12. Interesting facts about the Rococo period
  13. The Art Nouveau era

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