159 Abortion Research Paper Topics: Creative Ideas List

159 Abortion Research Paper Topics

Abortion is a very controversial issue discussed in different panels all over the world. Because of how vast the topic of abortion is, many interesting research papers can be written about it. For many students, picking the right topic to build their abortion thesis on can seem complicated, and finding the right topic is the bedrock to writing an excellent essay. This article aims at exposing all students to interesting abortion research topics that will help them write high-quality and in-depth research papers on abortion for their university programs. Abortion is simply a medical procedure that intentionally ends a pregnancy before a fetus is born. There are a lot of opinions about abortion, with some opposing it, stating various religious or ethical reasons why it is wrong. Those who support it do that with human rights and medical backing.

What Makes a Good Abortion Thesis Paper?

The first step to writing your essay is picking the right topic, but after you do that, there is a structure to put your thoughts into writing to deliver the best quality thesis paper. This section highlights how to outline and arrange your ideas to produce a good paper at the end. Follow the below outline when writing your abortion essay.

Before Beginning the Paper

Don’t just start writing immediately, do the below pre-writing activities first

  • Select a Topic: As mentioned above, an essential part of writing an essay is picking the right topic. The right topic should be interesting to you and appeal to your readers.
  • State your Argument: Now that you know the abortion topic you want to write on, what is your argument? Are you going to oppose or support the issue? Your answer will help build a research paper on the topic.
  • Conduct a Research: without proper research, you might end up misinforming your audience. Take time out to dig deep and find evidence that backs up your research.
  • Organize your References: Your references need to be credible. The evidence shows you have done research to back your thesis.

Writing the Paper

After completing your pre-writing exercises, it is time to write your essay properly. Use this as a guideline.

  • The Introduction: your Introduction should aim at grabbing the reader’s interest and ensuring that they are interested enough to read the rest of your paper. The opening is what starts the report. It also lets the reader know that your paper is worth reading.
  • The Body: The body is the main section of the paper. This is where you present your actual writing. Here you state each idea and back it up with evidence. Your tone, style, and grammar must be concise, making your paper interesting enough for your professor to read. Do not miss out on any detail here. You are allowed to be as descriptive as you want.
  • Conclusion: Here, you summarize the main points of your paper and highlight what you would like the reader to remember from reading your work.

Many students find writing a research paper challenging. Following the above structure will help you write a proper essay that will guarantee the best scores. Now that you know how to write a great paper, here are some good topics to help you begin. Before you get acquainted with our perfect list, remember you always have an opportunity to buy a custom research paper from our team of professional helpers. Just contact us with a “do my research paper” request and get a top grade.

 Abortion Topics for Research Paper

Abortion is a topic that has different opinions and conversations. These are some topics you can explore when writing about abortion.

  1. Explore the possible side effects of abortion.
  2. Medical reasons for abortions.
  3. Different religions and their stands on abortion.
  4. Why the government should ban abortion
  5. History of abortion.
  6. The abortion procedure explained.
  7. General misinformation about abortion.
  8. What other gender-borne concerns can be connected to abortion?
  9. Considering that the legislators who pass pro-life regulations are male, can abortion be considered reproductive control?
  10. The Problems of Abortion in Modern Society.
  11. Pro-life and Pro-choice Sides of Abortion. Who is right?
  12. Is Africa ready to embrace abortion?
  13. Abortion and virtue ethics.
  14. Legalizing Abortion: Advantages and Justification.
  15. Legalization of Abortion for Underage Girls.
  16. Abortion as a Crime and the Fight Against It
  17. Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion and Sex Education.
  18. Abortion in Ireland: Law and Public Opinion.
  19. The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in Canada.
  20. Abortion: An Unsolvable Dilemma?
  21. Abortion: Premeditated Murder or a Reasonable Way Out?
  22. Abortion: Strengths and Limitations
  23. Is the abortion rate declining? What are the factors contributing to it?
  24. Abortion is legal but is it ethical?
  25. The upward trend and demand for abortion in the United States.
  26. What is abortion counseling, and who should provide it?

Essay Topics on Abortions

To write a proper essay on abortion, you need to look at different perspectives before deciding on your topic. Here are some essay topics that explore different perspectives of the abortion discussion.

  1. Has the legalization of abortion played any part in reducing crime rates in the United States?
  2. How Have Abortion Laws Changed Around the World?
  3. How Has Abortion and Birth Control Affected the 20th and 21st Century?
  4. Who Should Decide the Legality of Abortion?
  5. Why Has Abortion Created Serious Debates and Controversies Among the Mainline?
  6. Should the Right to Have an abortion lay on the woman alone?
  7. Why Should Abortion Remain Legal and With Limitations?
  8. Historically, what were the main reasons women of various titles abort children?
  9. What were the methods used for abortion before the development of modern medicine?
  10. Is the history of abortion relevant to the contemporary debate? Why or why not?
  11. Understanding the risks of teenage abortion.
  12. Is Self-Defense Abortion Permissible?
  13. Should women have the right to abortion if serious handicaps are detected in their children?
  14. Third-trimester abortions: Are they ever morally permissible?
  15. Is it immoral to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will?
  16. Who can teenagers talk to if they want to get an abortion?
  17. Some medical effects of abortion on the woman’s body.
  18. How lack of resources affects the occurrences of unsafe abortions in developing countries.
  19. Is a woman who has had an abortion considered a mother?
  20. Republican and Democratic views on abortion.
  21. The roles religion plays in the social discussion and perception of abortion.
  22. Is abortion about women’s health, or is it a choice of convenience?
  23. What does early and late abortion mean?
  24. Who has more rights when it concerns abortion, and why?
  25. Should health insurance cover abortions?
  26. Abortion and how it affects adoptions.
  27. Why do teenagers need consent from a parent before having an abortion?
  28. In cases of incest, is abortion morally right?
  29. Abortion is always wrong. Explain
  30. How do we reduce the rate of abortion in the United States while keeping abortion safe and accessible to all women?
  31. What are the rights of a fetus?
  32. The effects of repeated abortions on future pregnancies.
  33. Abortion rights and patriarchy.
  34. The perception of abortion in different cultures.
  35. Why do the abortion policies differ per state in the United States?

Abortion Argumentative Topics

Everyone has a different view about abortion, which sometimes leads to intelligent arguments. Some topics that can present your points argumentatively include:

  1. Moral and ethical arguments concerning abortion.
  2. Abortion laws and how it contradicts women’s fundamental human rights.
  3. What are the pros and cons of having an abortion?
  4. Under what circumstances should abortion be considered?
  5. The abortion and mental health controversy.
  6. Abortion in older women. Is it safe?
  7. The rights of a father in the abortion decision.
  8. Christianity and abortion.
  9. Who should have the final say on abortion? The woman, the hospital, or the government?
  10. Cultural arguments surrounding abortion.
  11. Examine the generation gap in abortion support.
  12. How accessible is abortion in Africa?
  13. Mental health consequences of refused abortions.
  14. Is abortion a mortal sin?
  15. Why is there a stigma surrounding abortion?
  16. Abortions due to medical mistakes, should there be legal actions?
  17. Do mothers regret their actions after abortion?
  18. A cross-study of abortion laws in Malawi.
  19. Side effects of illegal abortions.
  20. The role of parents in the minor’s decision to abort.
  21. When is the best time to have an abortion?
  22. Psychiatric aspects of abortion.

Abortion Research Questions

There are many complex ethical, moral, legal, and religious perspectives concerning abortion. Some interesting questions you can research include:

  1. Should Abortions be legal?
  2. In what countries are abortions legal?
  3. How does abortion relate to mental health?
  4. What issues are agreeable reasons for abortions?
  5. Does rape justify abortion?
  6. Will abortion affect subsequent pregnancies?
  7. What are the abortion laws surrounding teenagers?
  8. Why is abortion such a controversial issue?
  9. What are the current laws regarding abortion?
  10. What do women want from abortion services?
  11. Has abortion been politicized?
  12. Why is abortion still illegal in some countries?
  13. Why is abortion such a controversial issue worldwide?

College Research Topics about Abortion

College students are responsible for writing clear and concise research papers built on good topics. The following are some interesting topics college students can write on.

  1. The Physiological effects of having an abortion
  2. Controversies surrounding abortion.
  3. A critical look at the United States laws concerning abortion?
  4. Common misconceptions about abortion.
  5. What is incomplete abortion, and how does it affects the woman’s health?
  6. Abortion amongst teenagers and adolescents.
  7. Understanding induced abortion.
  8. The process of legalization of abortion in Japan.
  9. When is abortion denied?
  10. The adverse effects of self-induced abortions.
  11. Post-abortion complications as a result of visiting illegal abortion centers.
  12. Childhood trauma and its connection to women seeking an abortion.
  13. What is a post-abortion syndrome?
  14. Understanding why some women opt for abortion.
  15. Barriers to access to abortion
  16. Different abortion methods, pros, and cons.
  17. Do the fathers have their say in abortion?
  18. Abortion laws and restrictions. A cross-examination of The United States and India.
  19. Clandestine abortion and all it entails.
  20. Abortion laws around the world: progress and pushbacks.
  21. Abortion and how it is linked to population growth and reduction.
  22. Looking at the punishment for abortion in countries where they ate illegal.
  23. Is abortion immoral?
  24. Should the rights of the unborn be more important than the mothers?
  25. What are the medical arguments for and against abortion?
  26. The evolution of abortion laws.
  27. What are the changes people opposing abortion are trying to effect?
  28. What changes are those supporting abortion trying to effect?
  29. What are the cultural arguments for and against abortion?
  30. History of the anti-abortion movement.
  31. Why do various religions have different views on abortion?
  32. Would a complete abortion ban be a correct solution from a religious viewpoint? Why or why not?
  33. When applied to abortion, what are the different ethical notions?
  34. What would be some negative consequences of an abortion ban?
  35. Why is abortion considered to be a feminist issue?
  36. Illegal abortions in India, and how it affects the girl child.
  37. Post-abortion discussion: How to avoid a repeat case of unwanted pregnancy.

Controversial Abortion Research Paper Topics

Abortion is one of the most controversial subjects in modern society, and there are many strong feelings for or against this topic. Some controversial abortion topics you can build on include:

  1. How has the rise of women’s rights affected abortion rates in The United States?
  2. What is late-term abortion?
  3. What is the difference between the morality and legality of abortion?
  4. When is abortion the right option?
  5. Why women should be able to have an abortion whenever they please.
  6. Canada and China have no legal restrictions on abortion. Any woman in these countries can get an abortion whenever she pleases. Should there be any restrictions on abortion? If not, why not? If so, what should those restrictions be and why?
  7. Does life begin at conception?
  8. Should we consider the fetus a separate being, or is it a part of its mother?
  9. What is a better option: abort an unplanned pregnancy or have the child neglected after birth?
  10. Adoption as an alternative to Abortion: Discuss
  11. How has legalizing abortion impacted the birth rate?
  12. Discuss the abortion debate and human rights.
  13. Why does the public support for legal termination of pregnancy remain high?
  14. Should men be allowed to discuss the termination of pregnancy?
  15. Examine the generation gap in abortion support.
  16. How race, poverty, and choice affect the abortion rate.
  17. Abortion vs. using embryos for research and IVF: Evaluate
  18. Should an aborting woman go through forced sterilization?
  19. Should birth control be considered as wrong as abortions?
  20. Why is it hard for some women to have an abortion even if something is wrong with a fetus?
  21. Why do many married couples have abortions?
  22. Is it better to have an abortion or give birth and place a baby in the orphanage?
  23. Is abortion a simple operation, or is it a severe psychological trauma for women?
  24. A woman’s life before and after abortion: what changes exactly?
  25. Canadian Abortion Laws and Women’s Rights.
  26. Debate on Abortion: Ethics and Principles.

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