123 Outstanding Anthropology Research Paper Topics You Should Try

Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Do you have a research paper in anthropology and want to stand out in your class? It is always a challenge to write a research paper for a high grade. The first step is identifying a good topic for your paper, but this is never easy because anthropology is a vast discipline. Indeed, most students get stuck even before starting for lack of good ideas for their papers. Here is a list of the top 123 anthropology research paper topics for top grades to help you out. You can pick the preferred one as it is or tweak it a little to suit your work. 

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Physical anthropology mainly deals with people’s behavioural aspects and their extinct ancestors. It also relates to non-human primates. To look deeper into this interesting area, here are some awesome physical anthropology paper topics.

  1. Human origin: Comparing the evolutionist and creationists views about the origin of man.
  2. What are the pros and cons of eugenics in the 21st century?
  3. The underlying beliefs in the preservation of the dead in Ancient Egypt.
  4. Analysing contemporary facts about Homo habilis.
  5. What are the implications of smoking on a human being’s appearance?
  6. Analysing the impacts of physical labour on an individual’s appearance.
  7. Comparing ageing in African and western cultures.
  8. What are the implications of the environment on human skin?
  9. Comparing the evolution of the human brain to that of other animals.
  10. Cremation: How it stands on the way of establishing human bone morphology.
  11. Skeletal biology: A closer look at the shift from biological variation to diet and health analysis.
  12. Genetic engineering and anthropology.
  13. The evolution of human beings.

Easy Topics for Anthropology Research Paper

If you want a simple topic in anthropology to work on, check out the following nineteen suggestions and pick the preferred option.

  1. A closer look at racism: What are its origin and implications?
  2. Belief in supernatural and magic.
  3. Analysing different ranks in society.
  4. Anthropology as a forensic science.
  5. Heroes in our society.
  6. HIV/AIDS: A global perspective.
  7. Closed societies.
  8. Cocaine use in South America: What are the implications?
  9. Australian aboriginal culture.
  10. The influence of language on culture.
  11. Magic and science.
  12. Festivals and ritual in ancient Egypt.
  13. Comparing the similarities and differences between Chinese and Japanese traditional festivals.
  14. Literature: What is its role in human development?
  15. Culture and development.
  16. Stereotypes in modern society.
  17. The Quechua people of Peru.
  18. The rise of terrorism in the 20th century.
  19. Rituals and folklores in society.
  20. Marijuana legalization: A deeper look at the pros and cons.

Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Biological anthropology is another very popular area, and you should consider exploring it further. Here are some great medical anthropology research paper topics for you to consider.

  1. The origin of Minamata disease and its impacts on Japanese populations.
  2. A deeper look into the effects of radioactivity implications on populations affected by the Chernobyl Disaster of 1986.
  3. The evolution of birds.
  4. Ethnozoology concepts applications in medicine.
  5. Explaining human biological variability.
  6. The socio-economic history of alcoholism in Western Europe.
  7. Analysing the effectiveness of strategies used to control the Ebola virus in Africa.
  8. Comparing the response strategies used to address Ebola and COVID-19.
  9. How did the holocaust impact the life of survivors?
  10. Comparing HIV/AIDS pandemic in Europe and Africa.
  11. Justifications for the high prevalence of cystic fibrosis prevalence among the whites in the US.
  12. The application of alternative medicine in modern China: Comparing its weaknesses and strengths.
  13. A closer look at the evolution of the human eye.
  14. High levels of mental disorders in Asia: Is it a major threat?
  15. The cultural implications of gay marriages in Europe.
  16. The transgenerational impact of Yokkaichi asthma in Japan.
  17. The population effect of Itai-Itai disease: A case study of Japan.

Unique Anthropology Paper Topics

To make your college papers stand out and enjoy top grades, it is advisable to make them as unique and professional as possible. Here are some awesome topics to consider in anthropology.

  1. Comparing agricultural practices applied in Europe and Asia.
  2. Polygamy: How is it practised in different Asian societies?
  3. Traditional healing practices in Africa.
  4. Clothing-related customs in Asia.
  5. Magic and science.
  6. Why does racing still exist today?
  7. The evolution of workplace discrimination.
  8. Analysing social networks and how they work in a society of your choice.
  9. The evolution of sexual discrimination in modern societies.
  10. Comparing the Maya and Aztec civilizations.
  11. Religious diversity: Comparing India and Turkey.
  12. American and Asian hip hop: How do they compare?
  13. How did the Roman Empire change societies in Europe?
  14. What are the implications of Barack Obama presidency on black population in the US?
  15. The relationship between religion and rituals in a society of your choice.
  16. Exploring common rituals on childbirth in different societies around the globe.
  17. How are myths and religion-related in different communities?
  18. Exploring marriage rituals in Asia.
  19. A closer look at pagan rituals.
  20. Climate change and its impacts on the development of fish.
  21. Analysing the evolution of Halloween celebrations.
  22. Natural selection in the Animal kingdom.
  23. A deeper look at the earliest life forms.
  24. Analysing religious practices of two cultures in Asian societies.
  25. The impact of climate change on the development of plants.

Cultural Anthropology Paper Topics

Cultural anthropology is fascinating. To make it even more enjoyable, here are some great anthropology research paper topics to consider.

  1. A closer look at the greeting gestures in American and Asian cultures.
  2. Comparing kissing traditions in Eastern and Western societies.
  3. The evolving views about marriage in China.
  4. Cultural assimilation.
  5. How to work through culture shock.
  6. Ethnic cleansing: Comparing the Holocaust to the Rwanda genocide.
  7. The causes and effects of homelessness in the US.
  8. Same-sex marriage: Analysing the influence of social media.
  9. Burial practices: How does religion impact the way people bury their dead?
  10. The effect of the Latin language on Roman culture.
  11. Women roles in society: Comparing ancient and modern Egypt.
  12. American consumerism vs. Scandinavian minimalism.
  13. A closer look at immigrants in America between the 16th and 17th centuries.
  14. Analysing social attitudes towards monarchs in the Netherlands and Great Britain.
  15. Strategies for minimizing cultural baggage.
  16. The link between cultural anthropology and political science.
  17. The modern media and cultural imperialism.
  18. A closer look at political correctness in the modern age.
  19. Forced child nuptial in West Africa: What are the driving forces?
  20. The role of ancestors in society.
  21. The hunter-gatherer societies.
  22. How the concepts of childhood have changed in emergent economies.
  23. The purpose of IQ and IQ testing around the world today.
  24. What is the link between art and anthropology?
  25. Comparing feminism in American and Asian cultures.
  26. How to minimize ethnocentrism.
  27. Gift-giving customs in different societies.
  28. Gender roles in society.
  29. Critical race theory.

Forensic Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Do you love forensic anthropology? Here are some excellent anthropology paper topics to consider:

  1. Criminal profiling: Are the current methods of establishing a criminal’s behaviour effective?
  2. Analysing the effectiveness of radioactive carbon dating techniques.
  3. What is the importance of crime scene in forensic anthropology?
  4. Footprints found in crime scene: How are they used?
  5. Use of mummification in Ancient Egypt: Assess its effectiveness.
  6. Soil comparison in forensic anthropology.
  7. Insects: Are they the fastest agents of decomposition?
  8. How is blunt force trauma identified in forensic anthropology?
  9. Can forensic anthropology help with disaster victim identification?
  10. The practice of forensic anthropology in the US.
  11. A closer look at the use of stature estimation from databases.
  12. Common techniques applied in forensic anthropology.
  13. Moral issues in the application of forensic anthropology.
  14. A deeper look at new perspectives in modern forensic anthropology.
  15. The evolution of police canines over time.
  16. Evaluating the environmental influences on the human migratory paths.
  17. Analysing the effectiveness of DNA testing procedure.
  18. Darwin’s theory of evolution and its application in forensic anthropology.
  19. Biases in the application of forensic anthropology theory and Practice.

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