AuPair Job

When I was looking for an aupair job I decided that this was a program I could do in order to make some extra money. I joined the aupair scholarship program and thought that this would make me some extra money. They send a brochure out to all of the colleges in your state, because they want to keep their candidate pool from getting cut off. The aupair job basically is to help pick up the children at a day care until the student gets home from school and support the other home choirs with their performances. No work on weekends or serving "do my paper" requests either.

I decided to go for the aupair job since I knew I wanted to work internationally and for a company that had a pretty solid reputation. I chose the aupair job specifically because I wanted to become an aupair. I went through the whole application process the same way you do when applying to college, writing a good resume, interview, and finally got accepted. I thought this was it, I would just live in a dorm and take classes online while I went to work. But I got a call a few weeks later telling me that they have a couple of pairs available and I now have a real job!

Now for the part about living in a dorm and not being able to write, that is completely true. You already have an account with aupair, all you do is log in to your account and send messages. They also offer support for the other students in your residence. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants to make a career out of helping people. So start building your portfolio already and send messages!